When To Walk Your Dog In Hot Weather

Walking your pooch in the hot weather is not the same as at other times of the year. Here we talk about some things to do and not to do.

Plan your walk. The advice is to walk your pup first or last thing in the day when the temperatures are cooler. Consider a gentler walk than usual. Or try stimulating exercises, such as training or teaching new tricks at home. They can be equally as tiring as an energetic walk.

Carry water with you, and if possible, walk in the shade.

Avoid pavements and test the ground with your hand before walking your dog on the surface. If the ground is too hot to touch after a few seconds, it will be too hot for your dog’s pads, which can blister and burn quickly.



Adders like to bask in the hot sun, which makes them easier to be found and disturbed by your inquisitive friend. Adders are present in woodland, sandy areas and heathland, so be careful when walking in these areas.

It is worth considering a Safer Pet GPS Dog Tracker as a precaution. If your dog gets bitten and runs off in a panic, with a tracker, you can locate your dog quickly and take him to the safety of a vet.


Be Careful If You Let Your Dog Swim

It might be tempting to allow your dog to jump into a cool and inviting river but take caution. Some water is not safe. Some rivers have strong currents, and some bodies of water can have harmful bacteria or algae, which are toxic and can make your dog ill.


Final Thoughts

Summer can mean plenty of fun for you and your pooch. With some planning, like walking your dog during the cooler times and following a few tips to keep your dog safe, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy playing and bonding with your faithful friend.

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