You're out walking your dog, they see a squirrel and that's it, they're off! Panic!

With the Safer Pet GPS dog tracker, this does not have to turn into a frantic worry. You open the app, click 'Find pet' and visually see, in real-time, where they are. You can even set off chimes on the tracker, so you can hear it when you're close.

Breathe easy with a Safer Pet GPS tracker.

Track with ease

Track all your dog's activities in real time including monitoring their exercise

View previous 7 days activities

Satellite & street map view

Tracking & review walking routes

Track multiple pets at once through the app

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Unlimited range, best network coverage and uses latest technology

GPS & Wi-Fi tracking for increased accuracy

Accurate within 10 metres

Roaming SIM card included

All data charges included across the whole of Europe

Share app access with friends and family

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Reviews from Trustpilot

Benji, our 7 month old labrador, has been wearing his Safer Pet tracker for almost a week.

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Jill L.


Meet Dani our Spanish rescued Breton Spaniel. We hadn’t had him very long when we had to take a trip to the Isle of Wight. Here he is wearing his tracker, tooting the car horn at the queue waiting to load onto the ferry which was 90 minutes late! After a few weeks we were able to let him off the lead on his walks. The tracker is invaluable for this. So far we haven’t had to worry as he always returns. But I can see where he is on the tracker which is comforting.

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Sue F.


We have used the tracker several times already as our dog keeps running off across the heath. The app is easy to use and you can ping the tracker and it soon shows up where the dog is. On the heath there are no landmarks so I just switch to the satellite image which shows all the paths and tracks. This satellite image is very up to date where we are. The tracker is easy to use and set up. It charges in about 2 hours and lasts two and half days. I then get a text message with a low battery warning.

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David F.


Only £29.99! Comfort is key

This is the smallest and lightest pet tracker on the market. It also comes with a silicone case to enable you to fit it to your dog's existing collar.

Up to 3 days battery per charge

Easy to fix to a collar

Activate the sound beacon if dog becomes lost

Compact & ultra-lightweight

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