The difference between a Bluetooth and GPS Pet Tracker

The difference between a Bluetooth and GPS Pet Tracker

Have you been looking for a pet tracker for quite some but are unable to find a decent cat tracker or dog tracker? Perhaps you came across various Bluetooth trackers and GPS pet trackers and do not know which one is better.

Well, you are in the right place, as this post will explain the difference between Bluetooth and GPS pet trackers and which one is best for your cat or dog.

The difference between a Bluetooth and GPS Pet Tracker

Bluetooth Pet Tracker

A Bluetooth cat or dog tracker uses technology that sends a signal to the Bluetooth-enabled device via a tracker built-in your pet’s collar. This allows you to track your pet’s current location, as long as your pet is within 10 metres of you. These trackers were originally designed for tracking small valuable items such as car keys, whilst indoors.

The problem with using Bluetooth trackers with pets is that if your pet moves beyond 10 metres away from you, the Bluetooth signal will be lost. Bluetooth pet trackers are therefore impractical for preventing a pet from getting lost or tracking one, which has been lost, because in most situations lost pets will end up much further than 10 metres away from an owner with the tracker app.

GPS Pet Tracker

GPS is an acronym for “Global Positioning System.” A dog or cat GPS tracker uses the signal from a tracker in your pet's collar and sends it to a satellite network in space. This allows you to track your pet's exact location. You can get a global coverage so no matter where you are, you can track your pet’s movement remotely in real time and at all times. The Safer Pet GPS pet tracker can track your pet accurate to within 10 metres, with unlimited range.

Bluetooth vs. GPS Pet Trackers Features

Bluetooth Dog or Cat Tracker

While both Bluetooth or GPS can be used with a cat tracker or dog tracker, here is a breakdown of each pet tracking technology.

Bluetooth technology is very precise and can help you track your pet's location accurately down to centimetres. However, the major shortcoming is the limited range; as you can only track a pet within 10 metres or 30 feet radius of the Bluetooth pet tracker.

So, if your cat or dog runs away or gets stolen, you will not be able to track the location of the pet as they will be too far away beyond the limited 10 metre range. While it is a great device to track your pet in closed boundaries such as your home or back garden, Bluetooth signals are additionally prone to interference that further reduce its effectiveness.

So, if you are only concerned with tracking your pet indoors, Bluetooth is good enough to do the job. Take the pet outdoors however, and you will have to run around close to your pet at all times to stay in range. For instance, Apple Airtags use Bluetooth technology with limited range and connectivity.

A Cat or Dog GPS Tracker

A dog or cat GPS tracker shares a connection with a space satellite, which will give you a precise location of your pet. The Safer Pet GPS pet tracker is the most accurate pet tracker on the market, offering tracking accurate to within 10 metres, with unlimited range.

The best feature of a GPS dog or cat tracker is that it offers global coverage due to connection with a satellite. This way, you can check your pet's location in real-time, even when you are on holiday abroad.


The Safer Pet GPS tracker app allows for multiple pets to be tracked easily through the app at once, making it especially ideal for pet owners with multiple pets.

Added Benefits of a GPS Tracker

If you are a dog owner, your dog GPS tracker will maintain a record of every location your pet has been to. You can view this information on a map in the app as a breadcrumb trail.  This is also helpful as you will see how active your dog is, especially if you have any concerns about his health or weight.

The information will also enable you to set a healthy diet plan for your pet and the frequency of walks in a week. With pet obesity on the increase, a Safer Pet GPS tracker can be an invaluable tool for monitoring your pet's fitness level.

However, you have to ensure to pick the right GPS cat or dog tracker as some can be heavier than others. For instance, a Vodafone Curve tracker weighs more than 30 g and only connects to a Vodafone network for satellite access. Whereas Safer Pet device weighs merely 23 g, it can connect to various networks as it has a multi-network SIM, allowing connection to multiple strong networks around Europe.

GPS is an Obvious Choice

GPS technology is a great option when it comes to cat trackers and dog trackers. A dog GPS tracker is often used for tracking walks and monitoring activity, whereas GPS cat trackers most often give owners real-time info on the whereabouts of their cat in the neighbourhood. With a Safer Pet GPS pet tracker, you will be aware of your pet's exact location at all times.

From your pet’s wellbeing to weight management and safety, a GPS tracking device will allow your pets to enjoy the adventures and explore while giving you peace of mind. You can even have multiple pets with GPS trackers and still manage to track the location of each pet separately from your smartphone.

Purchase a Safer Pet GPS pet tracker today to enjoy peace of mind and track your pet with ease.

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