Stricter Rules on Puppy and Kitten Sales Begin

Stricter Rules on Puppy and Kitten Sales Begin

When you're planning to bring a new puppy or kitten into your home, it's an exciting time for the whole family.  You get to choose the name and all the toys, plan where the new addition will sleep, and make all those changes within your house and garden to make it a safer pet haven.  You may even be considering keeping your new pet safer with a GPS collar cat tracker or dog tracker

While you're making all these fun plans, how do you know where to go to get an animal who has been well cared for its whole life so far?

Stricter Rules on Puppy and Kitten Sales Begin

Kitten and Puppy Farms

While you're doing all the work you need to do to give your pet a safe and happy life, you never dream for a minute that your new fluffy family member could have been bred in bad conditions.  Animal lovers cannot imagine that unscrupulous individuals would use animals purely for financial gain.  The heartbreaking truth is that this type of kitten and puppy farmer keeps their animals in dreadful conditions as no more than puppy-making or kitten-making machines producing the pets that they can then sell for large sums of money.  In these farms there are no welfare concerns, no health care, and in fact no care at all. 

The good news is that if you're looking for a new kitten or puppy in Wales, strict laws have just been introduced that are intended to improve the conditions for these pets. 

New Law for Puppy and Kitten Sales

New rules have come into force in Wales to help stop the trade of puppy and kitten farmers.  This step has been taken in an attempt to avert the stress and trauma caused to young dogs and cats that are bred in unsanitary conditions without proper care from their mother.  These animals are then frequently subjected to long-distance travel and getting passed from person to person.  The effects on their physical and mental health can be devastating, and many never fully recover, bringing a lifetime of problems and heartbreak to their unsuspecting families. 

Summary of New Rules Protecting Puppies and Kittens

The aim of the new rules is protect the welfare of kittens and puppies who are bred and sold as pets.  To protect them from third-party trade, the changes to the law in Wales will now put into place the following safeguarding measures:

  • Puppies and kittens can only be purchased where they were bred or from an official rescue or rehoming centre
  • It is illegal for anyone to sell puppies and kittens that they have not bred themselves on the premises
  • Breeders must have the mother present with the babies
  • Local authorities will now have the power to judge whether animals are being kept solely for financial purposes and take action to protect their welfare

Stricter Rules on Puppy and Kitten Sales Begin
Pet Protection

These changes to the law are welcomed by animal welfare workers, who see the move as the first step in improving the welfare of puppies and kittens to give them the best start in life.  When you get your new pet, you can have the comfort of knowing that they, and their mother, have been treated with the care and consideration they deserve. 

Maintaining a Safer Pet Home

When you are buying your new pet, these laws mean that you now have a much better chance that it will have been raised in a healthy and loving situation, setting it up for the best future. 

If you are buying a puppy or kitten, a lightweight Safer Pet GPS tracker is ideal for tracking them to ensure they don't become lost, as well as monitoring their daily exercise with historical activity logs.

That will leave you to just concentrate on all the fun part. You can plan the feeding regime, the training and play, and find new walking routes, knowing that you have taken all the steps you can take to keep your pet happy, healthy and safe. 

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