How to keep safe as the nights get darker

Now the summer is well and truly over, we know what is coming as we head into Autumn – darker nights. This also means for many dog owners, that they need to adjust their walking routines to suit. Here at Safer Pet, we wanted to give you some tips to help you feel safer during the autumnal and winter nights.

What to wear

This is not about remembering your wellington boots or making sure you wrap up warm, it is about ensuring you can find your dog in the dark, and they can see you.

Reflective coats or leads for dogs are great. They mean others can see your pooch easily and you can see them if they run off.

Change the routine

With the nights getting darker, you should look to change your walking route and or time. Going a little earlier could give you more natural light but if that is not an option, look to change the route. Some routes do not have lights, so it is best to avoid those in the dark because you cannot see where you are walking or if the area is safe. If it is currently well-lit and you feel comfortable, maybe take someone with you for extra safety?

person walking 2 dogs in the dark with street lights and houses to each side


If paths are dimmer, then a torch or headlamp would help brighten up the spaces. You can purchase these online to suit your budget. Don’t forget the batteries!


This may not be for everyone but carrying an alarm or something that can make a noise could be handy. This would ward off anyone if you felt in an uncomfortable position or if someone tried to steal your dog. Some people put alarms on dog’s collars which they can set off if needed but these can be really loud and startle the dog which can cause more harm to them. An alarm you carry would work well, setting it off when you need to.

Take a friend

We mentioned it above but taking someone with you on your walks could offer comfort. It could be someone else with a dog and walking together would support you both. You could even take a drink and enjoy a catch up while you are there!


A tracker will offer peace of mind while out in dimmer light. You will be able to track your dog and give them similar freedom on your walks that they have been used to in the summer months. Our Safer Pet Dog Trackers are great for being able to locate your dog via our easy-to-use app.

As the nights get darker, remember to do what makes you feel safe. Get the tools to ensure you can continue your dog walks.

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