Doogie the Jack Russell Terrier

Meet Doogie

This joyful, impish scrap of mischievousness is Doogie the Jack Russell. True to breed, he has a nose into everything that moves, especially when it comes to burrowing creatures of the wilds of County Donegal in the Republic of Ireland.  Where the Atlantic meets the rugged majesty of the landscape there are rich pickings for one who loves to scent all creatures great, but especially small.

Doogie’s nose gets him into all sorts of problems. When there’s a sniff of a JRT adventure, he’s on to it. This little whizz can skim across the mile-long golden sands of spectacular Ballymastocker Bay in the blink of an otter’s eye. He displays little appreciation for the fact that the beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world. When the game is on, Doogie is gone.

This is where a GPS Pet Tracker can be, literally, a life-saver. We can see exactly where our recalcitrant hound is heading. He might be off, but he’s definitely not lost. We know that he’ll soon be stopping to immerse himself in the pleasures of delightful bouquets. Shortly after, he’ll feign surprise that we haven’t kept up with him, then tune his hearing into our calls and come racing gleefully back to us with lolling tongue and smiling eyes.

Meet Doogie the Jack Russell Terrier | Safer Pet GPS Dog Tracker Blog

Doogie has been known to go to ground in his mission to meet those who scamper beneath his feet amongst the rocky terrain. He is compelled to investigate intriguing crevices in pursuit of terrier treasure. He tends to play a game of ‘now you see me, now you don’t’ and vanishes in a flash. Were it not for his GPS Pet Tracker, clipped to the collar, we would have no idea of his whereabouts. He has been known to answer the call of an irresistible aroma down into the depths of bunny land, then disappear completely from view. The reassuring sight of his exact location on our phones is always a huge relief. The tracker means that we will never again be frantically searching in the wrong direction.  

Being small and perfectly formed, built like an elastic band that needs to spring from one activity to the next with barely a breath in-between, Doogie loves to be off-lead whenever we consider it’s safe to do so. We try to enrich his little life as often as possible. In the past this has caused us considerable concern because it’s so easy to lose sight of someone who is fleet of foot and full of fun. The GPS Pet Tracker has provided us with peace of mind and our walks have become so much more enjoyable because of this. If our dog temporarily forgets he’s part of our pack, we know we can all be reunited without delay.

Unlike Doogie, who is powered by frequent snacks, treats and wholesome dinners, the tracker just needs an overnight charge every two to three days. Then it’s ready for more adventures. Whether we are holidaying in our favourite place on the planet; going for a stroll in the local countryside or exploring new paths, we never leave home without it.

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