Cat-Friendly home baking ideas for your feline friend this Easter!

Easter is just around the corner and for some of us, that’s a good excuse to have a few tasty treats and perhaps a meal with the family. Of course, you wouldn’t want your favourite furry friend to feel left out, so we’ve put together this list of five cat-friendly baking ideas for a feline feast.


Fish Cakes

There’s nothing most cats love more than a nice piece of fish, but you can pick up an ordinary tin of tuna or a nice piece of salmon on just about any day of the year. If you’re looking for something really special for your cat, then why not bake them a cake.

What’s that you say? Something smells fishy here.

Well it should!

A quick google search will net you all kinds of recipes – both simple and advanced – for cat-friendly fish cakes. Even better, fish cakes are full of nutrition so your cat will be happy and healthy after eating this delicious dish.


Catnip Baking

Now it should come as no surprise to cat owners, that cats LOVE catnip. Most cats go crazy for the stuff. But what’s better than a fun catnip toy? How about some delicious catnip cookies?

Catnip cookies are crunchy biscuit bites made with catnip. You can add ingredients like grated carrot to bulk them out or, if you want to make them extra special, you can mix in some Tuna.

Crunchy catnip bites are a great way to give your cat an exciting snack.


Chewy Treats

Of course, cat treats don’t just have to be crunchy. There’s also a wide variety of chewy treats for cats to enjoy. For example, why not try one of the many recipes designed to help prevent hairballs. These can be both a tasty and an effective remedy for hairballs. For the best results, as well as that chewy texture, we recommend using a pumpkin-based recipe, although you can also use chicken or even mix in some wet cat food.


Cheesy Bites

Is your cat always trying to steal a bit of cheese? Or lick the plate any time you finish a particularly cheesy meal?

It’s an unfortunate fact, for many cat owners, that cats are almost entirely lactose intolerant. Most cats do not possess the enzymes required to break down lactose (which are found in virtually all dairy products) and as a result, feeding them milk or cheese can seriously upset their tummies.

That being said, if your cat just can’t keep its paws away, there may be an alternative. Many vegan recipes call for yeast flakes in place of cheese, and it just so happens that the same recipe is entirely appropriate for cats. So, if you want to give your next batch of homemade treats a cheesy twist, why not try adding some nutritional yeast flakes?


Tasty Turkey Pieces

So far, you may have noticed that many of the items on this list call for fish, and while almost every cat loves fish, there always going to be some fussy eaters out there. So, what do you do if your cat turns down even the most mouth-watering piece of salmon?

Well, that’s when you start looking for alternatives, and one of the best alternatives to fish is turkey. Turkey, when chopped or minced into smaller pieces, can have a very similar texture to fish but tastes a little more like chicken.

So, if your cat needs a little more accommodating, or else you’re just looking for something they haven’t tried before, then try making some tasty turkey pieces this Easter!

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