6 Pawfect Reasons To Buy A Safer Pet GPS Pet Tracker

We like to keep safe what is important to us. We put trackers on phones, cars, keys and almost anything we consider of value. So, attaching one to our pets seems a logical move, so we can track their movements and location. 

Safer Pet are the UK’s best value trackers, so here we look at six pawfect reasons why this is a must-have device for your cat or dog.

Peace Of Mind

You may have the kind of dog who is always looking for a great escape. Whether it is shooting past you as you open the front door, jumping the fence in the back garden, or when out on a walk, and his nose goes down and his tail wags and off he goes following a scent.

Maybe your feline friend loves to roam at night, on the prowl looking to extend his territory, hunt for a tasty morsel, or he just enjoys the extra freedom at night with fewer people around?

With an accuracy of 10 metres and in real-time, the Safer Pet GPS pet tracker can let you know their whereabouts. If your little lion likes to explore for more extended periods, the tracker has a battery life of up to three days, so they can be located for quite a while!

You can even use your tracker in Europe, so take your furry friend on holiday. Have peace of mind even in unfamiliar territory.


Activity Monitor

Unfortunately, in 2022 it was reported that 51% of dogs and over 50% of cats in the UK were obese. Vets also estimate around 59% of pets are obese.

A Safer Pet GPS pet tracker has the ability to track steps and walking routes in the activity logs, making it pawfect to monitor your four-legged friend’s fitness regime.

You may believe your cat is outside having an adventure, whereas he is a lazy Bagpuss who is basking in the warmth of the sun; Or your dog may be a couch potato, who would rather be stretched out on the sofa. Even though you may know your pet is not doing enough exercise, the pet tracker will let the cat out of the bag and indicate exactly what is going on.


Data To Share With Your Vet

A pet tracker can provide valuable information to your vet. Your pet may be obese, and the vet may be monitoring your furry friend’s weight. Obesity can affect your pet’s health and life expectancy. A GPS pet tracker can update them on your pet’s exercise, and then they can act accordingly.

Sometimes your pet can stray from the house because they are bored or hungry. The logged activity on your tracker may assist your vet in advising treatment for any unusual behaviour.

There are many illnesses your cat and dog can pick up when being outside. It is not always possible to remember the places your pet has frequented, so having a tracker record their routes may help your vet with a diagnosis.


Support when spooked

There are many reasons your faithful friend could get spooked. Instead of wandering off exploring, your pet might scare and bolt in a blind panic. A pet tracker will help during those valuable first minutes when your fur-baby is not thinking straight and may act in an unfamiliar manner.

If your pet is in new surroundings, or you have recently bought them, they may be wary and spook easily. With a pet tracker, it is possible to locate their position quickly. A Safer Pet GPS dog tracker could be crucial in showing your dog's location before he runs too far.

dog and cat sat next to each other

A Microchip is Different

A microchip and a pet tracker are entirely different. It is a legal requirement to have your pet dog microchipped. A chip is implanted into the pet’s skin and links to a database. These are DEFRA compliant and should only be inserted by a trained professional.

When authorities scan a missing animal, they read the chip, match it to the owner’s details on the database, and can reunite pets with their owners. However, they are only accurate if the database is updated.

A GPS tracker is a tracking device that will locate your pet's position in real-time, enabling you to act immediately to find your furry friend before they travel too far and eventually get lost.


Potential Life-Saver

This may sound like a scare-mongering headline, but it is true. A Safer Pet GPS pet tracker could save your pet’s life. Animals go missing for many reasons, and if you suspect your fur-baby is lost or stolen, it is heart-wrenching.

78% of road traffic accidents involving cats happen at night. So, if your cat is missing, your GPS cat tracker can locate your cat, and hopefully, you will be able to take your cat to the vet.

Your waggy dog may have wandered off exploring, got into trouble and trapped in a ditch. With a dog GPS tracker, you can find your dog’s position and be home before dark.

In 2021, the Dogs Trust reported the number of stray dogs was over 49,000 but this figure has been declining for a few years as new technology becomes more accurate, which could prove that tech is working and helping us keep our loyal chums safe.


You can purchase your Safer Pet GPS tracker and subscription on our website and give you peace of mind even if you are together or apart from your furry friend.



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