Pawsome Barking News: It is National Dog Walking Month.

Pawsome Barking News:  It is National Dog Walking Month.

Yapee!  You might hear your furry friend say.  What better way to start January 2022 than with National Dog Walking Month.  It’s the pawfect start for both you and your furry friend to start the New Year after all the excellent food you both may have indulged in over the festive period.

With a New Year’s Resolution to walk your dog every day, you can avoid the January blues by stepping out into the crisp, fresh air and begin releasing endorphins to give you both the feel-good factor and be on the path to you both feeling fit and healthy.

National Dog Walking Month is an entire month and so it will give you plenty of time to establish a routine and be able to continue your walks into the following months.  You’ll be amazed at how much you bond with your dog during your walks.

National Dog Walking Month - Safer Pet Dog GPS Tracker Blog

Before you start your walkabouts, you may already have your brightly coloured, reflective clothing for the darker days and evenings.  Your pooch may be suited and booted to protect against the elements of the chillier winter days.  Your dog will appreciate a warm, waterproof coat, especially if your faithful friend is older and getting a few aches and pains.  Boots will also help protect against grit and salt, which can be toxic and irritating to their feet. 

Have you considered a GPS dog tracker?  With a dog tracker, you can keep track of your routes.  You can track and review the walking routes you use regularly and make changes to keep things interesting for both you and your dog.  You can monitor your dog’s exercise to establish if your furry friend needs to do more exercise to lose weight.  It can also be fascinating to see how much ground your dog covers, especially when comparing it to your steps.

You might notice some changes in your dog during National Dog Walking Month.  Your dog may be calm and relaxed, and they may even have stopped any destructive behaviour because they are more content and stimulated.

This behaviour change may encourage you to develop your relationship with your friend by introducing some tricks and training into your walks.  Your dog can get a surprising amount of pleasure from training. 

It is National Dog Walking Month - Safer Pet GPS Dog Tracker Blog

Your dog will appreciate some doggy playtime, where they can let off steam, follow their instincts, explore the undergrowth, and follow a scent.  A Safer Pet dog GPS tracker will help you know your dog’s whereabouts, and if your furry companion does venture off, you will know Fido’s location. 

Don’t be fooled by the idea that Fido is too old and won’t wander too far. Even 17-year-olds can cover a lot of distance if they follow their nose.  It’s far easier to be prepared than wish you had a dog tracker when you see a little wagging body disappear into the distance.  The Safer Pet GPS dog tracker is accurate to 10 metres, making it so much easier to track down your pooch and not be late for work.

Look at National Dog Walking Month as a new month and a new challenge, including Mondays.  Did you know Mondays are the most skipped day for dog walking?  Your doggy friend will thank you for their regular walks.  Remember it will be good for you, a break from the daily grind, especially if you have been sitting in all day at a computer.  After all, it’s good to move, and you both deserve it after you’ve been confined inside.

Taking photos as you explore can be inspirational and can help track your progress, plus be a great reminder of how much fun you’re having.

Dog walking is also a great way to meet people and chat with like-minded folk, and share photos, stories and the routes you have tracked on your dog tracker.

Happy National Dog Walking Month and have a fantastic time expawing.

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