Game, Set and Yap!

It Is Wimbledon


Wimbledon is upon us. With fingers and paws crossed for a flaming July. Perhaps, you do not fancy the idea of watching the tournament and leaving your four-legged friend out of the fun. You can enjoy Wimbledon without leaving your pet out of the game.

It can be game, set and yap for your dog over a game of fetch. Your cat can be the one who got the cream, and you will be the champion for making it all happen. Here are a few ideas from Safer Pet on how you can enjoy Wimbledon at home.


The Game

Let the tournament begin. Most dogs love tennis balls, and a game of fetch is mentally and physically stimulating for your dog, fun for you both and will strengthen your bond.


New Balls Please

Choose a suitable dog ball that is safer and more durable for your dog. They can be a choking hazard, and after all, a tennis ball might only last a few minutes with some breeds.

Some cats enjoy a game of ball too. A ball toy imitates the movements of potential prey, and they love to chase. Cats can learn to play fetch, although this is not as common as it is with dogs.

If you choose to play on the green and not in your garden, remember a Safer Pet GPS Pet Tracker will help you keep track of your pet if they get over-excited with the fun and games.

 a small dog on a tennis court, holding a tennis racket and few balls around him

The Set

Now to set the scene for the afternoon. You have entertained yourselves with a game of ball, and now you are famished after all that playing. First, you might want to dress for tea.

What To Wear

Purple and green is the theme for Wimbledon. So, perhaps a bandana for your pup or a little hat for your cuddly cat. You will be game and set with purple and green napkins and a tablecloth.

What To Eat

Take your pick from strawberries and cream or afternoon sandwiches. Or the iconic British dish of fish and chips, a firm favourite on Murray Mound. Partner with a glass of Pimms or Champagne. For many, these foods and drinks are the highlights of the Wimbledon calendar.

While your furry friend may not join you with all these choices, they can enjoy a variation.

Your canine friend will devour some strawberries, but you can leave off the cream and replace it with a healthy natural yoghurt packed with probiotics to help their digestive system.

We all know cats love tuna and salmon. Add cucumber, and they have afternoon sandwiches without the bread. They can eat a small amount of bread. However, some cats can get upset tums if they eat too much.

Your furry friends can join you for a prosecco. Only they will enjoy an alcohol-free pawsecco. Yes, you can buy pawsecco for your pets.


Rain Stops Play

Wimbledon has a reputation for rain-stopping play, although since 2009, with the installation of the retractable roof, the game must go on. Rain does not have to dampen your spirits at home. A few large umbrellas or a gazebo can keep your party going.

If you have to retreat inside, there are a few games you can play with your pets. Instead of fetch the ball with your dog, you can play find the treat. You can play ping pong ball with your tiger friend, and he can pounce on his prey.



If you are a tennis fan and a pet lover, there is no reason to miss out on Wimbledon fever. With these few tips, you and your faithful pet can be sure of a pawsitive match. It is Game, Set and Yap to you all.



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